Golf Shop

The Dunes Club Golf Shop is one of the finest in the country and has been recognized by Golf Shop Operations as one of America’s “Top 100 Golf Shops” in America. Members enjoy a 20% discount on regularly priced apparel as well as discounts on golf balls and equipment. Special orders are also available through the golf shop and facilitated by the Golf Professional on staff. The Golf Shop also offers comprehensive club repair services, custom fitted equipment, golf bag storage and locker room assignment. 

Hours of Operation

Standard Time  6:30am to 6pm
Daylight Savings Time 6:30am to 7pm

Handicap Service

Annual Member Fee: $33
Want to see your handicap before coming out to play? Login here

Handicaps are computed through the USGA approved GHIN Handicap System. There will be twenty- four (24) revisions annually at the first and fifteenth of each month. Once a member fills out their online profile through GHIN, the handicap revision will be emailed directly to the member immediately following the update. Additionally, a revised handicap roster will be available in the Golf Shop for review.

The Golf Staff will post the 18-hole scores for all members. We ask the date, member’s number, and tees played to be clearly noted on the scorecard and that the scorecards be deposited in the handicap box located in the locker room or turned directly in to the Golf Shop Staff.

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